Documentation Guidelines according to International Treaties & Agreements

Important notes when signing the documents to transport a deceased person abroad, especially if the repatriation includes transit through several countries and crossing borders:
  • Some states, even if they are in the European Union, such as the Czech Republic or Poland, are not signatories to the convention on the transport of the deceased and in this case a document from the Embassy is still required that allows the deceased to cross the state border.
  • For citizens of post-Soviet countries, the former Yugoslavia, etc. to be transported from the European Union is required the Mortuary Passport signed and sealed by the consular section and the Apostille Death Certificate.
  • Special conditions and documents are required upon entry into Macedonia, Bosnia, Russia, etc. many other states have their own specifics, sometimes even absurd, but so are their laws.
  • Every repatriation, every destination requires professionalism and attention, perfecting the documents thoroughly so that everything runs smoothly and after it appears unclear.