Guaranteed Body storage. Body Restoration, Facial Reconstitution & Makeup.

Due to the experience we have, the embalming techniques and old and new, the refrigeration equipment, storage conditions, but most of all the attitude and care we have towards man, we can offer guarantees that the deceased will reach the destination in a better condition than it was taken from the morgue abroad (the phrase seems out of place but we know what we’re talking about).

We offer a service of Body Restoration, Facial Reconstitution and Makeup so that it can be buried with the lid open in cases where:

  • a long time has passed since the date of death;
  • storage conditions were neglected;
  • death occurred as a result of drowning;
  • the deceased was subjected to high temperatures;
  • burns, dismembered traumas, etc.

Note: there are cases when almost nothing can be done, but we try even on the slightest chances.